”Gendai Reiki Ho Techniques”, the instructional CD is now available in Spanish in addition to Japanese and English.



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w / Doi sensei
2018/1/27 "Shinnen Reijyu-kai" New Year's party (Meijikinenkan/Shinanomachi)

New Year Reiju Ceremony, Kensan-Kai Workshop, and Doi Sensei's master seminar in January 2018 in Japan

Dear Gendai Reiki Masters,

New Year Reiju Ceremony, the biggest and the most important event in Gendai Reiki, will be held at Meiji Kinenkan in Tokyo, Japan, on January 27th, Saturday, 2018.

History of Reiju Ceremony:
Mikao Usui Sensei had the New Year Reiju Ceremony every year with the Reiki masters. He gave a lecture and Reiju to all the attending masters, one by one. The masters then took turns to give Reiju for each other and vowed to continue effort to improve themselves and make the society healthier and happier with Reiki Rhoho. Usui Sensei and the masters made sure to resonate and surround themselves with the highest Reiki vibrations – that was New Year Reiju Ceremony.

Hiroshi Doi Sensei, the Gendai Reiki founder, and Gendai Reiki Network have organized the New Year Reiju Ceremony together in January every year with the same Reiki vibration and the procedures as Usui Sensei had. Again in 2018, Doi sensei will give us a new-year address, a lecture and Reiju to all the attending masters.

English translations will be provided for the ceremony. 
Every Gendai Reiki Master is invited.

Reiju Ceremony: 14:00‐17:00
Banquet Dinner:  17:45‐19:30
Location: Meiji Kinenkan, Tokyo, Japan

The attendance fees for the New Year Reiju Ceremony: 
14,000 Japanese Yen for the GRN members
20,000 Japanese Yen for non-members


Kensan-Kai workshop will be held in Tokyo, Japan, on January 28th, Sunday, 2018.

Kensan-Kai Workshop: 9:30-17:00
Location: Yoyogi Olympic Center, Tokyo, Japan

Kensan-kai workshop will be led by Ms. Chisa Okamoto, the chairperson of GRN. It will cover the following subjects: 
• What is Reiki, really? Review and deepen our Reiki knowledge
• History from Usui Reiki to Gendai Reiki
• How to incorporate Reiki to our everyday life
• Reiki sessions and various techniques
• Review how to give Reiju
• Review how to give attunements
• Q&A

The English translation will be provided.

"Shinnen Reijyu-kai" New Year's party (Yoyogi)

2016/10/15-16 International Kensan-kai 研鑽会/Koryu-kai 交流会 in Ashiya

**The distribution system of Gendai Reiki Ho manuals**
●A new English translation of the book
"A Modern Reiki Method for Healimg" on sale now


●A new English the English versions of the New Official Gendai Reiki Ho Manuals are ready to be released. These new manuals contain some new, previously unpublished facts and some additional useful illustrations
Order shall be placed by contacting the GRN by e-mail or Fax.
grn@gendaireiki.or.jp    Fax +81-(0)797-38-7024 

    GRN will offer people opportunities to know Reiki, give correct information,
    hold Reiki seminars/workshops/gatherings as lifelong learning items, and 
    encourage Gendai Reiki masters having progress in Reiki skills and creative 
    practices. The goal of GRN is to contribute to realization of harmonized
    society by these activities.
*   *   *

 "The analysis effect of the new EEG technology 
for Gendai Reiki therapy"
by Dr.Chiaki Kudo

"REIKI PARY vol.2"

●NEW CD 現代靈氣法 -土居 裕-● 
NEW CD "Gendai Reiki Ho" in Japanese(Doi sensei's voice) and English

2011/11/11 On Sale!

The latest training method recorded by Doi-sensei
English translation supervised by native speaker
Background music performed by Fumio Miyashita
Must-have instructional CD setting a global standard 

This is the English instructional CD in accordance with Japanese version, "Gendai Reiki Ho Basic".
It was newly recorded in Iizuna Kougen, Shinshu area, Nagano, Japan.
Doi-sensei's voice is very pleasing to the ear. Deep, warm and comfortable.
His voice will gently guide us to the Reiki world.
During the entire CD program, it also contains healing musics performed by Fumio Miyashita and English translation by his wife, Linda Miyashita.
The photo of cover jacket was taken by Takahiro Imashimizu, which inspires us to feel the spiritual world in Kagamiike, Togakushi, Nagano.
It's not only for global use but it would also be helpful for Japanese to understand how great this sounds in English as well. 

This is double CD album (including 2 CDs/set) and JPY 4,000/set. 

For those who wish to purchase, please send an order e-mail to the below address.
Attention: Mr. Taguchi
Re: CD Purchase
e-mail: grn-i@gendaireiki.or.jp

Thank you.